Advantages of using SHAREit App on Android

by support on June 16, 2017

 Does your Bluetooth test your patience in transferring files, photos or videos? Or your USB drive just doesn’t want to connect at the most crucial moments? Well, here comes your quickest and easiest solution then. This will make your task easy and smooth and is absolutely free to download SHAREit APK for Android. This particular application allows you to transfer photos, videos, APK files, applications, contacts and any other documents within seconds. It is time efficient and has several other features to make you a fan.

Key features

  • SHAREit doesn’t need an internet connection for functioning; therefore there is no network restriction issue to be bothered.
  • This app works on Wi-Fi direct.
  • The developers made sure to keep the resolution of your photos or videos intact while transferring.
  • Transfers file at the speed of up to 20M/s.
  • SHAREit has an additional feature of cross-platform share that the competitors in the market would not be able to provide you.
  • Transferring through USB drives often include the transfer of malicious data and hence your device is left at risk. Chances of such mishap vanish with the use of SHAREit.
  • This enables you to transfer multiple files at one go.
  • Comes with the exceptional features of control and Clone.

How far is it user-friendly?

With several other of its type available on the market, a question might appear as to why you would choose this. Well, there are plenty of reasons. Firstly, this app consumes minimum space of your internal memory, i.e. 6.15 MB and during the setup, only 54 files are downloaded XENDER APK . Secondly, the interface is very much user-friendly and takes minimum time to pair up with your desired device. Thirdly besides smartphones, this app functions smoothly on Windows, iOS platforms, and PCs and provides a competent coverage. Fourthly, its feature of Clone helps you to transfer all your data from your old device to your new one without any trouble. Finally, it is easily available for download from Google Play Store so you don’t have to worry about its authenticity.

Advantages of using SHAREit

A very reliable app with 4.6 stars out of 5 and used by over 600 million users from 200 nations across the world, this app is just what you need for saving up your time and securing your personal data in your device. You can easily see all your photos that are on your smartphone on your computer because of the advantage of wireless content sharing. This app is available across the world in altogether 39 languages such as – English, Arabic, Chinese and French to name only a few. This app was released in June 2012 by the Chinese multinational technology company Lenovo and has become one of the most used apps today since then, giving a hard competition to its similar types such as Xender, SuperBeam, Zappa and others. Added to all these, you can also replicate SMS, MMS, contacts, music etc.

There is no time to rethink then, download the app and get started to share your own little world with others.

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