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by support on June 13, 2017

Meet people loved at all times, no matter what you social. Meet people loved at all times, no matter what you social status. But time goes by, more and more new and new technologies for communication, and now so many ways to talk even when you are not next to each other, and maybe even are different, for example, countries. Just people helping the client to connect others around, which is a client of the new social mobile network, in which you will find always their loved ones, and you can get to know your peers.

We would like to introduce a new version of the program, which in the future, communication will be promoted to the next level, but for now, that the possibilities of this program called WhatsApp for PC are to send video, photos, audio recordings, but also of course have the opportunity to communicate with each other, such as is already known throughout the program icq, skype and others. But WhatsApp on a computer a completely new program, which the creators have decided to construct its first model back in 2009, but a major increase in sales peak was in 2011. The company, which directly and became the creator of the messenger is represented in the United States, specifically in California. In 2012, the record was set for sending messages – they were achieved by only just one day, nearly 2 billion, and it happened in April, but a later, around August, about ten billion per day! In fact, this is a big shift in science communication.

WhatsApp advantage on the computer:

One of the main advantages of the program is that it can function send its current location, and your partner can easily see where you are at the moment. Compared with icq, you do not have to add any contact, because the system thought the function that is responsible for copying contacts to your address book, and as you will fill it automatically and Whatsapp for iPhone will be updated. According to critics, the version of WhatsApp for the PC has reached such a high level that, when it reached Skype, namely its ability to make free calls. Just as in the case of Skype, the software has to be installed in both interlocutors.

The new version of WhatsApp for the PC:

The exact number of customers around the world, unfortunately, not been disclosed, but based on inaccurate estimates in 2012, about the month of October, there were counted about a hundred million, which of course is very promising in the modern methods of communication, especially when it is necessary to tell that something urgent, and your friend or client is in the network. The shops of the world famous Apple brand, the program has the highest level of purchases since Whatsapp for Computer yet is one of the most popular paid programs. Now, e, when the hand is a convenient way to transfer data and messages by some criteria may be severe recession mobile operators, namely SMS – tariff, since almost no one will use less uncomfortable, and even more so to the same toll function . .

Also a popular version for computers, but after the release of smartphones, most users certainly have moved to a more convenient version of the program.

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