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by support on June 5, 2017

Facetime is one of the most prominent apps for Video Calling. It is developed on iOS software and is an Apple Product. It is only available on the iTunes store for Apple users. The product is so popular that the Facetime is often used instead of Video Calling by many.

Facetime is not available on the Google Play store for Android users. Certain sites claim for facetime download for windows and android in APK file but that’s not true. The file is malware or corrupted as Facetime doesn’t exist in APK format as of now yet. The download of such a file may be harmful to your device and hence needs to be avoided.

As a customer, one needs to be cautious about the websites that offer Facetime for Windows and Android. Efforts are made to make Facetime in APK format for Android users but until then one is requested to make the use of alternatives of Facetime that are available on Google play store.

Features of New Facetime App for Android and Windows

The makers are trying to develop Facetime in APK format as of now it is available only in iOS systems. The app would offer the features as in Apple product and also some other would be incorporated to make it better.

Various features that Facetime would offer in Android phones are as follows:

  • The app will be easy and simple to navigate through for video and audio calls as well as text messaging free of charge.
  • It will provide users with an amazing visual interaction that it would seem you are 2 places at the same time.
  • The app will work the best to provide the best it can in terms of video and audio clarity.

The developers are making efforts to develop the best they can in order to provide Android users with a superb experience on their smartphones.

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