Facetime Video Calling For Android and iPhone/ iPad

by All About Puppies on February 11, 2009

The Facetime is Apple’s video and audio calling service that operates using Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. The app can be easily used from any iPhone, IPad, iPod touch or Mac and the calls can be made easily. The app is perfect for people traveling on holidays that can stay connected with their family using face time on their phone and make video/audio calls. Particularly those who are making international trips, the long distance calls can be done easy and free by connecting people all across the world in a just fraction of seconds.

This app is inbuilt in every Apple gadgets. The app can be easily used for free of cost with data connectivity. Some users are using the app happily. The company is launching several products all over the world and is in the top position regarding gadgets. If you are looking forward to getting facetime video calling for android.

Face time- video calling:

For all the users looking for how to record the Facetime Video calls on iPhone and MAC are on the right page as in this article, we will help you with the topic. All the iPhone users can use the Facetime to make the Video calls or audio calls for free, this everyone knows. But, the users can now also record the Video calls on face time. Yes, you have heard it right. The iPhone FaceTime conversations can be recorded for viewing at a later date. The entire process is very simple, easy and satisfying. The iPhone Company keeps on creating new additions to make the excitement among the users to continue using the smartphone.

Record FaceTime Video Calls:

The Apple Operating system can directly record the Facetime video calls running on iPhone quickly. The conversation is not directly involved, though.  There are a few requirements needed to record the Video calls.

Requirements to get started with recording the Facetime video calls:

  • Mac
  • Mac under running position with the new strain of OS X- 10.19 Yosemite.
  • iPhone running IOS 8 or above
  • Lightning or High USB cable.

Steps to follow:

  • Firstly to get started, the user must connect the iPhone device to the Mac via USB.
  • Secondly, the user must fire up the QuickTime app on the Mac. This step is compulsory to do to get started with further steps.
  • Open the Quick time app downloaded and then click on the FILE> New movie recording from the Menu Bar and then make sure that the reference below the screenshot is clear without any single moment of confusion.
  • The user can also see the record button where the downward facing arrow will be seen. Click on the arrow and select the camera and microphone sources and set the iPhone.
  • The option of face time Video call appears and then hit the record button and pick up the call by tapping the accepted button where the recording process will begin. ‘Last thing to do is just save the video to the device, and you are done.

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