Google Messenger For Android Updated With Stickers And Location Sharing

by All About Puppies on April 26, 2017

If you’re an Android user that likes Google’s Messenger app for your communication needs, then you’ll be happy to know that that app is getting a notable update today. Messenger is now receiving an update that includes stickers that can enhance your communications. Like many other messaging apps, you can now send various stickers in Messenger, and they all look pretty silly (in a good way).

Along with Stickers, the new update will also give you the ability to send your location with just a few taps. Sending your location will give the recipient a small image of your location on a map as well as a link that’ll open up in Google Maps. Click on the official website of Switchgeek which provides more information about Google Messenger and other android apps.

Google Messenger Version 1.4 Update:

Google Messenger version 1.4 now offers sticker packs and location sharing. You can download up to three sticker packs, some of which are animated. Locations are shared in a style similar to Hangouts; the recipient receives a small screenshot of a map with your coordinates as an image file weblink, along with a quick launch link to Google Maps. You can also use stickers now similar to what the Facebook Messenger.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and a sticker screen will show up. Choose one or two to send and if you want more designs, you get additional packs by downloading them (again, just like the Facebook Messenger). The default set of stickers is called Foodies and shows ice cream, an apple, a hamburger, broccoli, and more with varying emotions.

There are additional sticker packs called The Lovable Zoo (with animals) and Best Friends Forever (with a man and his dog) that you can download for free. The new update is rolling out now in the Google Play Store, so be sure to head to the link above to grab the latest version. Users can now send animated stickers to one another and share your location to tell your friends and family members where you are.

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