What are the Backlinks & How to build Backlinks to your Blog?

by All About Puppies on August 1, 2012

A backlink is the links that you get for your blogs back through other websites. You can build the backlinks in the many ways as you need. You might get these links from social bookmarking, guest posting, web2.0 and comment links. Like that, there are many resources where you will get the backlinks for your blog and you can also buy backlinks for cheap prices and no other service could provide you quality backlinks with a less service cost.

If you have backlinks for your blog then Search Engine considers that it’s a positive point for your blog then you need to build high-quality backlinks to increase your authority and rankings. It’s very easy to build the backlinks for your blog. Here we share the type of the backlinks below.

Here there are two types of backlinks that you can build to your blog. They are Dofollow and Nofollow and here we shared the uses if the two types of links.


Dofollow links have a dofollow attribute in the links and send the link juice to your blog. I mean they send some of the link juice in their blog to your blog and that tends to help you to increase your blog rankings. You can even increase your domain and page authority through this link. You need to get these types of the links from high authority websites.


Nofollow links have a nofollow attribute in the backlinks. If the website is linking to your blog with nofollow attribute then it must be credit otherwise you will get these links from comment links. These doesn’t pass link juice and even not helps you in rankings but these links are most needed because you must check that the all the blogs have these type of links because they have to maintain the ratio between dofollow and nofollow. You can even get the traffic from the forums and comments through these type of links.

You can use the add-on to check link attribute of the link whether it’s dofollow or nofollow or apart from that you can even check through manually by checking the source code in your web browser.

How to Build Backlinks to your Blog?

So, you want to build the backlinks to your blog then you must know the various sources of backlinks those will help you to rank your blog.  You must build the backlinks in the way that it must

There are various links that you can build. Guest posts, social bookmarking, web2.0s, forum link, and many more various ways. Now you need to know that you should build backlinks to your blog in the way that the link source must be the same niche.

So, if you are building the links for your tech blog then the guest post, forum or any other source must be from the same nice. More of all it helps if you have the link from the same topic that you are going to rank.

Then it must be high quality and the website might not contain any spam and don’t build the backlinks in backlists domains or penalized blogs.

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