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by All About Puppies on March 24, 2019

In web marketing, a simple tool can revolutionize the way you approach your way of working. And incidentally, give you a huge competitive advantage. Junglescout is a suite of tools dedicated to finding product ideas, niches, and keywords on Amazon FBA. JungleScout consists of a web app and a chrome extension. JungleScout consists of:

  • the “Product Database” too
  • the “Product Tracker” tool
  • the tool “Hunter Niche”

With the browser extension, you start with products and get their stats. So you will open an Amazon search page and see how many sales each product on that page is getting. It’s useful when you already know what you want to sell. For example, you know you want to sell baby blankets, so you will use it to see which baby blankets are selling the best, what’s the demand for this product.

With the web app, you start with a set of criteria and get products. So with it, you find products to sell. You enter a category, price, minimum estimated sales – and get a list of products that match your requirements. It is useful to find product ideas with high demand in a niche that you like.

When it comes to jungle scout, it is mainly considered to be a great tool which will be helpful for all the sellers who want to sell the products across Amazon. Check out the reviews on jungle scout given by the real users and With the support of jungle scout, you can search for your products even in the millions of products which are available across this platform. Also, it helps your products to reach among the viewers in a quick time. Once the products are reached among the viewers, then there will be a chance of converting the viewers into customers in a short period.

Well, this is how the jungle scout is going to be helpful for all the sellers who are struggling to sell the products in Amazon for a long time. At the same time, you can run your business smoothly and stay unique when compared to others. In case, if you don’t aware of jungle scout to use or you don’t have much aware of it, then you can ask the doubt from experts that who all are experienced in this field. Once you are aware of these things, then the jungle scout tool can be handled in a great way in order to sell the products.

If AMZScout wasn’t a thing, Junglescout would be my number one favorite tool for niche scouting. Well, it is the #1 tool for more than 90k customers, which means that, obviously, this is a great tool for product and niche scouting. What I love about Jungle scout is that it can be used by every type of professional or amateur. You don’t need any knowledge (besides how Amazon works) to extract the last drop of juice from the tool. In just a few clicks, you will be able to find business opportunities and start sourcing products to build your freedom.


1. Available in 10 Countries – More countries mean more options which helps if you want to sell internationally. 2. Keyword Research Tools – It is included on all plans even on the lowest level plan. 3. Opportunity Score – It will tell you how good of an opportunity a specific product. 4. Greg Mercer – The founder and CEO of Jungle Scout actually sells on Amazon and is active in the community.


1. Only for Product Research

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