What is SMS Banking? What are Its Functionalities

by All About Puppies on May 5, 2017

Short communication service (SMS) may be the official title for text messaging. SMS banking allows customers to produce basic activities for their bank accounts by sending and receiving text messages.

What is SMS Banking


SMS banking lets you acquire essential information relating to your banking account using your cell phone or with whatsapp for PC. For example, you are able to request your bank send you an email displaying your present or available balance. Banks also can provide details about recent transactions via text. You can join receive text message alerts when your payments are due and when your balance falls below a set limit.


Buyers are seldom able to transfer funds between accounts or pay bills using SMS banking. This protects customers in case a cell phone is lost or stolen.


A growing quantity of banks is offering SMS banking services. Visit your bank’s website for information on signing up. These solutions are often provided for free. The company may only be reached in the cellular phone registered for you inside your bank mandate. All Records held by you from time to time will be enabled for entry through the Company.

Where the Service is linked to a shared Consideration only one account-holder may access and use Assistance as ‘Subscriber’ as well as the Customer will be deemed to become acting for and with respect to all mutual account-holders who’ll be deemed to own knowledge of, and consented to, all actions from the Prospect through the Assistance.

The Service mustn’t be utilised to perpetrate any type of fraud or illegality. We should tell you any extended inaccessibility to, or termination of, the Assistance or any facility or service available thereunder.

The Support isn’t designed to be used in lieu of some other service supplied by us, as well as in particular you have to continue to carefully, regularly and thoroughly check Bill statements delivered from time to time. You’ll result in payment of airtime and other charges assessed by your telecommunications company in terms of the Assistance in accordance with their conditions and terms.

Recommendations sent by you’ll unless proven otherwise, be considered to be valid, knowingly and genuinely sent by or on your account and we shall rely on, and accept as genuine and validly granted, any Training and we shall not confirm Directions.

Your record of Directions will be conclusive proof of such Teaching and is deemed to be permission by one to issue a relevant Result (which might contain Account or transaction information) and endorsement by you of liability for that inherent risks involved in the transfer of such information.

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