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by All About Puppies on January 28, 2011

Whatsapp for Blackberry: A couple of years ago, nobody knew what was WhatsApp. But for some time now, WhatsApp has become an essential application for the users smartphones. The popular messaging service has led to a revolution in communicating that allows you to chat with all the members in the contacts of your mobile, both for its ease of use as well as the ability to send text, pictures and also the videos. Discover how to Download and install whatsapp on your blackberry and enjoy the service.

The main feature of WhatsApp is that unlike the old traditional sms, this mobile messaging application & Whatsapp Video Call  uses the internet connection of your smartphone. So whether you have hired a data rate or else you have the access with network through a WiFi, it doesn’t matters and you do not have to pay any additional cost for the messages we send.

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The popularity of this application is also based on its condition of being a multi-platform service, i.e., that not only can we use to communicate with other BlackBerry Messenger but also with all that contact we have on our agenda that has WhatsApp on your iPhone, Android or Symbian. Another factor to bear in mind is that it is virtually free, you pay only when a year of use takes a registration fee of $ 2. That is why it has become one of the most successful applications of our available for BlackBerry.

How to install WhatsApp on BlackBerry Phone?

The most logical way is to use the download service BlackBerry App World, searching and downloading the application.

* Click on ‘WhatsApp Messenger’; in this new screen all the information you need to know about applying, for example, is what appears. If you still find interesting, click ‘Download’

* Write in this new popup, your Blackberry ID placing your email and password.

If you encounter problems with the installation (not finishing the installing, permissions problems, WhatsApp icon disappears, etc.), which unfortunately often happens, we can choose to install externally.

In this case we make the browser page and install it from there. If you are still emerging problems in the installation, any proof of the following options :

Steps to Download Whatsapp For Blackberry :

  • Make sure you have your active data connection.
  • Go to Options-Security Options-Firewall and set status to “Off”.
  • Go to Options-Applications and locate WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Sets permissions to “Allow” and select Save.
  • Options-Memory Compression sets to “Off”.
  • A “classic” option always and sometimes solve problems: Reboot your BlackBerry by removing the battery and card device for a couple of minutes before restarting.

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