Caring For Puppies

It is very important for you to allow your pet the opportunity to adjust to his or her new environment. Remember, your new companion is only a baby. He, or she needs rest, so limit playtime to 15 minute intervals. Make sure the whole family understands and follows this rule. The excitement of settling into his or her new home can be very stressful. The most common problems associated with stress are:

Vomiting and Diarrhea– The trip home, excessive handling and any change in food may result in a temporary gasto-intestinal upset. Do not feed milk or table scraps. If you absolutely must change brands of food, do it gradually by mixing the new brand with the regular brand. Mylanta and Pepto Bismol can be used to relieve symptoms.

Diarrhea with blood or mucous– While this can be frightening, internal parasites are not life threatening and should not require after hours emergency care. Should this occur within 14 days of purchase, contact a veterinarian within our network for FREE medications.

Hypoglycemia– This is a condition most common in small breed puppies, such as Chihuahuas, Poms, Poodles, Yorkies, Maltese and other toy or miniature breeds. These puppies must be allowed time to adjust to their new home. They must be fed every four hours. Please contact Customer Service if your puppy is not eating. Excessive activity can create a condition in which your puppy may become dehydrated and require immediate attention. During the initial 14 day introduction to his or her new environment, Gatorade or small amounts of honey or Karo syrup may be added to your puppy’s drinking water. Enervite or Nutrical, high caloric supplements, are an excellent additive for minimizing hypoglycemia and giving your puppy necessary vitamins, which he or she quickly depletes during activity. This is not a covered condition. Should the puppy seizure and still be conscious, administer honey or Karo syrup immediately and wrap in a towel to maintain body heat. If no improvement within 15 minutes, call Customer Service. Should the puppy lose consciousness, seek emergency care.

Minor Upper Respiratory and Tracheobronchitis– Kennel Cough is usually a mild, but contagious, upper respiratory virus (non-contagious to humans). Isolation from other dogs is required for the first 14 days. as we do not cover other puppies in the household. The symptoms may be deep, hacking dry cough, runny nose, glazing or tearing eys and possibly a slight temperature. Kennel cough can last from two to six weeks, depending on your puppy’s activities. While very annoying and debilitating to your puppy, these are not life threatening and should not require after hours emergency care. Should this occur within 14 days of purchase, contact a veterinarian within our network for FREE medication. Pediatric Robitussin DM, 1/4 teaspoon every 8 hours, and placing the puppy in a steamy bathroom for 20 minutes will relieve the coughing until your vet visit. Nebulization is also available at the store.

Emergency Care: EMERGENCY CARE VISITS MUST BE PREAUTHORIZED BY CUSTOMER SERVICE We reimburse for “support care” only, which is medicine to treat the symptoms. Diagnostics can be scheduled the following day with an assigned veterinarian, or with your own veterinarian, without jeopardizing your puppy’s health. As expenses related to diagnostic testing at the emergency room are not covered, you will be responsible for any tests that you authorize. Expenses for covered illnesses will be reimbursed at regular veterinarian rates, unless it is documented in writing, by the attending veterinarian, that the puppy would not have survived until normal business hours. As a rule of thumb, any pet that is eating, drinking, and playing should not require after hours emergency care. If in doubt, please contact our 24 hour Customer Service Line to discuss treatment prior to authorization. Please leave a message and your call will be returned within 15 minutes. We are here to assist you and your new pet.

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