Housebreaking Your Puppy

Housebreaking your puppy means that your puppy has been trained to potty on a schedule you determine. This training period varies for each puppy or household; it may last anywhere from 3 days to 10 weeks or even longer.  The length of time varies depending on the individual puppy, environmental factors and how effectively you follow the recommended techniques.  Housebreaking your puppy is a learning process for both puppy and owner.  Of all the most important tips we can give new puppy parents: Be patient with your puppy!

There are several different techniques for housebreaking your new puppy, but the most tried and true method for potty training new puppies that we highly recommend to all our clients at All All About Puppies is crate training.  In our experience, it has the quickest and most lasting results on housebreaking puppies without relapsing to accidents in the home later on.  This requires the usage of a crate during the training process.

You can read our complete free crate training information blog / article here : Crate Training 101 : Housebreaking Your Puppy.



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