All About Puppies is extremely proud of our well kept facilities and we continually strive to maintain the health and well-being of our puppies. Founded in 1995, we have built our business on trust and fairness, standing behind our pets and our word.

Our objective is to sell the healthiest, happiest, and most socialized puppies possible and to educate our customers on the commitment of pet ownership.

We educate each new pet owner in crate training, care, and feeding and the need for obedience training their puppy at a young age. We highly recommend neutering or spaying. Petting areas are available so that families can interact with the puppies of their choice. We offer a 24 Hour Customer Service Line to assist the new pet owner after purchase.

14 Day Health Warranty

Your new pet is warranted against contagious/infectious disease for 14 days drom the date of purchase. Should your pet become ill during this time, please contact one of the veterinarians within our network for the treatment of covered illnesses free of charge. It is your responsibility to contact Customer Service, immediately to discuss your options prior to treatment. All About Puppies does not cover other puppies in your household. Please isolate the new puppy for 14 days.

1 Year Extended Warranty

Your new pet is warranted for 1 year against hereditary and congenital defects that severly affect his or her ability to perform as a companion pet. Once diagnosed, it is your responsibility to contact Customer Service immediately to discuss your options prior to treatment. Registration documents must be returned prior to any settlement.

General Terms and Conditions

Our pets are sold as pet quality only and are not warranted for the purpose of showing, breeding or to meet all breed standards. There is no warranty for the owner’s acceptance to include allergies, landlord disputes, animal’s size, temperament, training or behavior problems or compatibility with owner, owner’s family or other pets. Pets may not be returned for any of these reasons. All additional wormings and vaccines are the owner’s responsibility after purchase. There is no refund or exchange for hereditary or congenital conditions disclosed at the time of purchase. Valid returns or exchanges must be made within 2 days of a veterinarian’s determination of unfitness.

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