Extent of Barking

If barking is a concern in selecting what breed of puppy to complete your family, the following breeds are most known for barking the least.  Barking can be a true concern especially if living within an apartment complex or with homes that are close together.  Here are some puppy breeds to keep in mind.


Purebred breeds that bark the least:


American Bulldog Puppy

American Bulldog





Basset Hound





Bichon Frise










Bull Mastiff





Chinese Pug






English Bulldog

English Mastiff

French Bulldog

Japanese Chin





Miniature Australian Shepherd





Neopolitan Mastiff

Olde Bulldog






Shar Pei

Shiba Inu





Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Victorian Bulldog


Designer crossed breeds  that bark the least:



This list has been compiled by general facts of the majority of the breed.

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