Most Easy to Train

For first time dog owners or those concerned with ease of training new puppy, we have compiled this list of puppy breeds that we have found to be the easiest to train through our experience and breed generalities.

The following breeds are recommended for ease of training :

American Bulldog Puppy

American Bulldog





American Eskimo





Bichon Frise





Cavalier King Charles Spaniel






Cocker Spaniel





Corgi, Pembroke Welsh

English Springer





Golden Retriever





Labrador Retriever





Lhasa Apso





Miniature Australian Shepherd





Miniature Pinscher





Olde Bulldog






Rat Terrier










Toy Poodle





West Highland Terrier



The following designer crossed breeds are recommended for ease of training:



This list has been compiled by general facts of the majority of the breed.

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