Why Buy From Us?

All About Puppies is a family owned, run, and oriented, top of the line, puppy store that started over 16 years ago in 1995. Our goal is to provide you with the puppy best suited for your family and lifestyle. We provide top quality family pets. Available for immediate adoption are most pure breeds from Teacups to large breeds, as well as special, one-of-a-kind, designer pups.

Our veterinarians visit out locations weekly to ensure that our pups are in the best health. Our facilities are inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture, AKC, and local Animal Control Officers on a regular basis, ensuring our customers that all of our babies are treated with the utmost love and care.

We ensure that our puppies are of the best pet quality available and they come from happy, healthy. and loving environments. Our puppies also come with a Florida Health Certificate of good health and are covered by the Florida Pet Lemon Law.

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